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The Seventh Day touches important biblical messages for us today.

All 8 songs written and composed by Tore Sognefest

1) Daniel – Year of Messiah foretold in the longest time prophecy in the Bible.

2) In the Beginning - The First Angel's message: Honor your Creator.

3) The Lamb - The prophecy in Isaiah 53 gives us confidence in Gods inspired word. 

4) Out of Babylon – The Second Angel's warning to come out from the confused world.

5) The Seventh Day – Our day of rest and the end time conflict.

6) The Joy – Meeting Jesus when He returns at the end of time.

7) Death No More – The state of the dead, and Jesus’ victory over death.

8) Truth Triumphants – Those who are faithful through the great tribulation.

Full choir/piano score

The Seventh Day.

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The Seventh Day

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