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All Triangelos musical activities are built on volunteerism and sponsorship. Countless unpaid hours have been spent by choir members, composer / text writer, conductor and technician. We aim to reach as many as possible with the great biblical truths. The response to our videos on YouTube is good, and we keep getting inquiries from different countries.

We want to reach people through our music videos, where the text message comes alive through visual images and the music.

When music, text and images merge, one gets the optimal understanding of the message, as intellect, visualization and emotion are linked together. In the future, Triangelos wants to produce more music videos that takes this into account. We have the music ready, from the three angels' message in Revelation to the prophetic books of Daniel. We want to reach as many people as possible through digital platforms and TV channels.

But we now need financial help to produce video for the songs, as the choir is unable to finance this out of its own pocket.

Would YOU like to give YOUR contribution to this project? No amount is too small - nor too big.

The email registered to the choirs PayPal account is: sales@triangelos.no

You will also find our banking details